How To Sit After Bbl Surgery?

Arm liposuction is a kind of surgical procedure, done due to cosmetic reasons to eliminate excess fat from below the skin of the upper arm to get better-shaped arms.




 The surgery is generally completed to treat a condition called lymphedema. The condition occurs due to the accumulation of the fluid, called lymph that leads to arm swelling. So, the lymphedema of the arm can happen during the procedure of removal of lymph nodes during breast cancer.  With the passing time of the surgery, lymphedema causes the occurrence of fat in the subcutaneous tissue that can be removed by Liposuction Surgery.  


Types of Arm liposuction:


There are multiple types of liposuction procedures are found, such as:


Suction-assisted liposuction: It is done by using a syringe, it is a traditional arm liposuction method.


Power-assisted liposuction: This type of method uses an external power source to drive the cannula.


Vibro-assisted liposuction: In this method, complex movements of the tip are brought by air pressure.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction: This method is based on the ultrasound energy that uses solid probes but utilizes less energy.


Laser-assisted liposuction: The method of liposuction uses lasers to eliminate the excess arm fat.

Arm liposuction procedure:


The Arm Liposuction procedure is an easy and painless procedure. The cosmetic surgeon will give you local anesthesia or a sedative to get the area numbed. Then, the surgeon will make small cuts in the arms and supply a drug solution using a small tube called a cannula to suck the excess fat out from the arm area. After the removal of the fat, the surgeon will cover the area with a compression cloth to protect the treated area throughout the healing period. The tiny cuts heal on their own after some time.  


The cuts will not leave any kind of scars because there are no stitches done by the surgeon during the procedure. The patient can feel little discomfort like burning sensation, pain, and bruising for a short period of time. The surgeon at Cosmetic Surgery Houston may prescribe you some pain reliever medicines and other kinds of medicines to prevent the risks. You can resume your normal daily life activities around a week after the surgery.



The compression bandage should be applied for about three weeks from the surgery.



Side effects of Arm liposuction:


  1. There may be adverse effects of anesthesia like allergies, numbness, tremors, seizures, and abnormal heart rate.
  2. The problem of fat embolism may occur as some amount of fats is escaped into a blood vessel and blocks it, which may cause a rash, acute breathing problems.
  3. Reduction in body temperature that can be prevented by using some warming devices, warm fluids, and balancing room temperature.
  4. It may cause infection if sterile precautions are forgotten to be followed.
  5. destruction to the ulnar nerve of the arm.


Usually, it is a safe procedure and provides good results though sometimes, initially, the results appear to be good; it may worsen with time. So, it is essential to explain to patients well before the procedure that if they don't take care, the body fat can return. So they need to control the diet after the procedure to stay with good results for a long time.




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