How To Sit After Bbl Surgery?
Brazilian Butt Lift and Its Benefits:

Each woman in the world desires to have a slim and toned body. But some of them are blessed with beautiful bodies. The key element for achieving such a type of beautifully toned body is to follow a balanced diet and regular exercise. Otherwise, they will have to undergo surgery to achieve a perfectly toned body. Women who desire bigger rounded or enlarged buttocks may consider Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery.



What is Brazilian Butt Lift?


The Brazilian butt lift is a kind of cosmetic procedure that employs a patient’s own body fat to increase the volume of the buttocks. The procedure offers a youthful, lively, and curved back end resulting in a  more contoured body.


Procedural Overview:


This butt improvement method includes receiving fats from various parts of the body and implementing them back to your butts in a process known as lipo injection.


For the implementation of this Cosmetic Surgery Houston TX, your cosmetic surgeon will extract fat from any part of your body. Generally, he/she will extract fat from the stomach, flanks, thigh, or hips, where he /she finds enough fat to deal with for the butt augmentation.  In fact, only half of the extracted fat is suitable for reinjection. Furthermore, the surgeon injects the extracted fat throughout the buttocks evenly to provide a curved surface to the buttocks.


The procedure of transmitting the extracted fat cells into your buttocks includes several injections. If you talk about a conventional butt lift surgery, it involves incisions and implants to provide lifted and perky buttocks. This procedure is used to fill the upper part of your buttocks utilizing your own extracted fat cells from the donor sites of the body. Brazilian butt lift is conducted under general anesthesia and remains about two hours.


Who Can Get Benefit From Brazilian Butt Lift?


If you are wishing to go through BBL, you must have an adequate amount of fat somewhere in your body so that it can be extracted for the execution of the process effectively. As mentioned above, the removed fat cells are transferred to the buttocks to offer a curved surface to the back part. Candidates who are lean and don’t possess enough donor fat for reinjection are not suitable for the procedure. Moreover, people who are on certain medications or drugs, or herbal products that are responsible for increasing bleeding are also not suitable candidates for the procedure. Brazilian butt lift contestants must have realistic aims and expectations. The most important thing to consider while going to have butt lift surgery is that your health must be in a good condition. Additionally, you should have a good skin tone in the areas that are to have liposuction.





The important fact about the fat transfer butt lift procedure is that it does not involve incisions or implants.  The only thing that is required in the conduction of the surgery is your own body fat. The infection threat is minimal as the bbl surgery is conducted without the involvement of any actual incisions.  


Since the patient’s own fat cells are transferred from the other parts to his/her buttocks, it reduces the risk of occurring any allergic reaction and the risk of the injected fat not being adopted by his/her body. Therefore, your body accepts its own fat cells without involving any risks and complications.   


Another benefit of the procedure is that it can be performed with a combination of the other liposuction treatments. It offers extra body sculpting such as you can relieve the additional flab,  accumulated on the parts of the body like thighs and love handles while can get the Butt lift at the same time.


Once the fat cells are delivered properly, your backside will be seen more lifted and more attractive.



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