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What is the Difference Between an Eyelid Surgery and a Brow Lift?

Improving the appearance of your eyes can greatly enhance your overall look if your eyes are looking tired and droopy. This is the reason why so many people wishing to refresh their appearance elect to have an eye lift or brow lift. Some patients are not sure what is the difference between an eyelid surgery and a brow lift and are uncertain which procedure will give them the beautiful, youthful eyes they desire.



An eyelid lift and brow lift are both excellent facial rejuvenation procedures but they don’t target the same areas of concern. So, let’s take a closer look at both of the treatments.


Eyelid Surgery


To rejuvenate the appearance of the eyes, blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a procedure that is performed. To correct puffy, saggy upper eyelids and bags below the eyes it is typically done. For functional reasons upper eyelid surgery can also be carried out as the upper eyelid skin sometimes droops so low that it interferes with vision, and in some cases can completely block peripheral vision. Patients will be able to see easier when the excess skin is removed and the eyes will look alert.


Below the eyes, lower eyelid surgery can remove the dark bags that create an aged, tired look. The Blepharoplasty takes out the extra fat and skin and gives the eyes a rejuvenated appearance. Along the natural lines of the eyelids, the incisions for eyelid surgery are made. The dermatologist near me will remove excess fat, and trim the extra muscle and skin. It is normally an outpatient procedure and it takes about 1-3 hours normally.


Brow Lift


This surgery is also known as an upper facelift or forehead lift. It removes wrinkles and creases in the forehead region and the eyebrow area. It smooths out that ‘furrowed brow’ and gets rid of the anxious, stressed look, and fixing these issues can take years off your appearance. As compared to the rest of the face, the eyebrows can sometimes start to show signs of aging a lot earlier.


In their 30’s in fact most people start to notice changes in the shape and position of their brows. In the brow area, a brow lift will correct sagging and clear horizontal lines and furrows. To perform a brow lift there are different approaches that can be used. The surgeon will make small incisions in the scalp and then lift the eyebrows with the conventional approach which is known as Microblading.



Which Procedure is right for you?


To rejuvenate their appearance some patients may need either a brow lift or eyelid surgery while some may need both for the purpose of completely rejuvenating the eye area. To determine which would be the right procedure for you, your plastic surgeon will evaluate your aesthetic goals and facial characteristics.


Along with creases and lines, if you have droopy forehead skin but no extra eyelid skin, your surgeon will likely recommend a brow lift. If your eyebrows are in their natural position but you have upper eyelid sagging due to excess skin, an eyelid lift may be necessary.




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