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What Are The Some Facts You Should Know About Liposuction?

For liposuction, the prime candidates are those patients who are close to their target weight but just can’t lose those fatty deposits around their midsection. Four percent of the 11.7 million cosmetic surgeries performed in 2007, this popular cosmetic procedure is made up of alone and maintains its position as one of the top ten surgeries demanded every year by patients.





It takes about two to five hours to perform and this operation is performed under local and general anesthesia. During the brief recovery time of one to two weeks, patients report the discomfort level is moderate to high and they are generally satisfied with the procedure.


For your liposuction, there are a few different surgical techniques that the doctor can use that include the tumescent technique, liposculpture, and ultrasound-assisted lipoclastic(UAL).


With the cosmetic surgeon, during your initial consultation ask which technique the doctor will be doing on you. Make sure you fully understand the benefits and potential complications of the laser lipo reviews your surgeon recommends.


For a healthy diet and exercise regimen, it is not recommended as a substitute and it is not a permanent weight loss removal. With realistic expectations, this is why it is important to go into surgery. As the weight returns, a patient who has an unhealthy lifestyle that includes a poor diet, a high-calorie intake habit, and a poor exercise commitment will find the success is short-lived.


With your surgeon, it is important to discuss your weight history because the doctor will need to know your highest weight including your pregnancy weight, your lowest weight, and other factors. This will affect the success of your operation such as what diet programs you have tried and what your exercise regimen looks like to assess the likely hood of Body Contouring After Weight Loss being a long-term fix for you.




There can be psychological as well as physical benefits of Body Liposuction and sometimes having that new trim belly without the bulge can be enough to motivate a change in lifestyle, to include a healthier diet and exercise program that will keep the weight off without repeated surgeries. With your doctor discuss the risks and benefits and make sure you make an informed decision that this is the right cosmetic surgery for you.


How much does liposuction cost?


From $3,000 to $10,000 the cost of liposuction varies with the average price range falling to around $5,232. Of course, the final cost will vary depending on a variety of factors including the surgeon fees which vary by region and whether the surgery is performed in a hospital or surgical center.


Patients need to plan for the cost for anesthesia as well as the doctor who administers the anesthesia as a separate cost from that of the primary surgeon. When planning a surgery budget you should keep this in mind. The fee for the surgical facility or hospital as well as the cost for prescription pain medication is other costs included.




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