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Why Wisdom Teeth Removal? Here are 3 Reasons!

Wisdom teeth removal, in reality, is a prevalent dental practice that is followed worldwide. Based on the survey done by the National Institute of Health there are approximately 10 million wisdom teeth that get extracted annually. You may be wondering if the data is correct or not but the fact is that it is. We will recommend you to statistics of the dental database on each type of case. Not to surprise as more than half of the population will go for surgeries every year.

You may ask, "What are the actual reasons behind the Wisdom Tooth Extraction." There are many reasons which prompt a person to do so after the dentist's advice.


Reasons to Go for wisdom tooth extraction

1. Preventative Care


The primary reason for Wisdom Tooth Removal is for preventative care. Initially, it may look healthy and cause no problem to you. Later it may lead to dental disease and cause problems at their own age. Preventative care removal can be done before the tooth's roots settle down completely. The removal usually will be done by the age of twenty-five. People below this age recover faster after removal. The level of complications associated with the surgery is more with aged people.


2. Issues with tooth alignment

Commonly noticed that there is a lack of enough room on the gums to give space for the proper development of wisdom teeth. Many dentists believe in the fact that the growth of this tooth is because of overcrowding inside the mouth. It, in turn, affects the normal alignment of rest-developed teeth. Teeth overlapping will also happen, making it harder for cleaning correctly. The growth of the wisdom teeth can also impact the past dental work done on the other teeth. In such a scenario, the dentist recommends Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal.


3. Gum Disease


 One of the common reasons for which people remove wisdom teeth is gum disease. This particular illness is widespread in dental science as gingivitis or periodontal disease. Disease to Gums happens when plaque built-up on teeth starts releasing toxins. The publishing leads to inflammation of the gums. The infection will turn the colors of gums red and make them swollen and painful. Gum disease not only impacts the gums. It also affects the teeth which are surrounding the wisdom tooth. The bone which is around wisdom teeth also gets changed.



The above are some of the primary reasons for which the dentist may recommend Wisdom teeth removal near me. The dentist will make an effort to save the tooth if possible or else will support the removal. Although it is one of the standard practices in dental science, still you need to look for the dentist's qualification.



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