How To Sit After Bbl Surgery?
Plastic Surgery: A Change to Your Identity!

Yearning for beauty is inherent in human nature. All dreams to look beautiful by various means like photoshop, fashion, accessories, makeup, and fitness. Therefore, Plastic surgery has played an important part in creating beautiful faces and correcting the flaws of nature. For some people, who consider bad plastic surgery there are a lot of myths about plastic surgery that exist and are true.



Some Myths Busters and Tips for getting plastic Surgery


#1 Consider the face as a whole


 Individual features collectively add up to the overall look of the face. Improving a single feature, say a nose, will not bring about the desired change in the face's look. Instead opting for a change in more than one feature will have the desired effect. For instance, to achieve a better facial look, a combination of the nose, chin, cheek, and Brow Lift would bring about the desired change.


#2 Opt for a subtle change


Always avoid opting for drastic changes for they would look not only unnatural but could be damaging as well. For instance, if your eyelids are beginning to look droopy, go for Eyelid surgery to reverse the droopy look trend. Choose temporary procedures and make few changes at a time. If you're happy with the results, you can go for more such procedures knowing well what better to expect.



#3 Perfect symmetry is neither possible nor desirable


No single person has the perfect looks or perfect character. There always will be some natural asymmetry. So, only gross asymmetry is worth treating. For instance, you may have a pretty good nose, but an ungainly chin. Chin Augmentation can make your chin look better, but not perfect and in total symmetry with your nose.


#4 Make clear prospects with your specialists


With all the facial treatments and plastic surgery, one should expect a change but not an assurance for the perfect result. Be wary of anyone who offers guarantees. Whether you go for a complete Facelift or Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) or oral surgery, refrain from over the top expectations for the plastic surgeries can only improve upon your Face or Nose or Lip only, and not make it completely perfect.


#5 Your tissue has limitations


Always realize that tissue characteristics are unique to each individual. So, the same surgery performed on two different people may give very different results. Know that Plastic surgery cannot create a particular face from the catalog. For instance, if two people with two different faces undergo Facelift surgery, the result could be both will have different faces from earlier ones. And one of them could be lucky to get a better face than the other person, though it may not be exactly as per the catalog.




#6 Consider cost-benefit ratio


Is the cost of treatment worth the result? Sometimes the treatment can be expensive but may give only subtle results. For instance, an ambitious female may desire Jaw Surgery like a top good-looking female star. Such a thing is not possible. Not only are such expectations unrealistic but also could produce only subtle results while proving expensive.


#7 Choose the right doctor


One of the most essential things which everyone needs to do. Check the surgeon's qualifications and credentials. Ask for before and after pictures of similar cases of procedures performed by him/her.



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